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It took many months but I have to say that Phil (New Reflections - Howell, MI (517) 548-3869) did some great body work (in spite of a bunch of curve balls that the body threw at him).   In addition to the regular prep, Phil rolled all the edges, sprayed/rolled the inside of panels with Herculiner, bonded hoop to hood, installed hinges, & bonded polished aluminum inner hood panel to hood.    He fitted everything - all panels are flush and gaps consistent - a real show quality job.   Best of all.... Phil knows how to paint  - awesome job!  As you can see in the images below, the body is so flat (so to speak) that it reflects images like a mirror.    I came so close to painting her Lexus Indigo Ink with Titanium White Stripes and then literally within the final days changed to custom blend that was based on Walt Steele's NC color combo (thanks Walt - totally classy job) .                     

[Product Image]Base:

PPG 1683 Black  - 50.0

PPG  614 Blue    -   5.0

The effect is stunning in the sun as the blue rolls out over the curves.   

[Product Image]


There is probably an easier mix to get the result I wanted but here's what we did: 

Started with GM 14/WA391E (Stormy Gray) and custom mixed to get a blue tone:

PPG 87 Blue Pearl  -    56.6

PPG  614 Blue    -       40.0

PPG  1689 Binder    -   40.0

There is a pile of pearl in the stripes  - and it shows in the sunlight.   The stripes change from a blue-gray to a almost ghost blue. 


[Product Image]


3 Coats of Concept 2021 Clear were applied .... color sanding as well and then a full show cut and polish.

Phil recommends Norton Liquid Ice for polishing out small scratches in the clear and Carnauba Wax as necessary.         

[Product Image]Reflection:  How's that for a mirror finish! 

[Product Image]Luke:

Luke and his Dad came to help load and unload.... good thing - I needed the muscle.    That wonderful trailer is owned by none other than Todd Baumann - thanks Todd - the weather held and the trailer was perfect. 

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009