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I really was not looking forward to the carpeting.   Given that I had almost completely changed the MK1 frame, sheet metal, etc., the original FFR carpet was not very useful as a template - and rather ugly anyway.   I had planned to have a local auto upholstery shop do everything but without a trailer to transport the Cobra, this would be a painful exercise.  In the end I decided to do myself.  Bought 80 sq. ft of "Bentley" carpet and 3/4 of a gallon of 3M adhesive.         

[Product Image]Template:  I made templates out of cardboard and then used these templates as a pattern to cut the carpet. I was probably too fussy about fit and finish but given that everyone sees the carpet.... thought a little overkill wouldn't hurt.  

[Product Image]Trunk Templates: Well here they are... all the trunk templates for my one-off Cobra... too bad nobodyy else could get some use from these babies. 

[Product Image]Finished Trunk:

This took a fair amount of work to get right but ... I am very happy with the result.     

[Product Image]Cockpit Templates: These were tricky with all the curvature changes.   

[Product Image]Drivers Side:

Since the frame was sprayed in urethane,  I decided show as much of it as possible.     

[Product Image]Passenger Side: By the time I got to the passenger side I was actually starting to have some fun with the carpet.  

[Product Image]Trunk Close up:


[Product Image]Milk:  From day one I have always kidded with my wife that she'll also have fun with the Cobra... a little shopping here and there etc.  ... jokingly she told me that it was not good for grocery shopping because you could not put a gallon of milk in the trunk - .... she's right !!

[Product Image]Cockpit:

Much more finished feeling than the aluminum. 




1) Cutting:  At first I used the cardboard templates to trace (using a marker) the perimeter on the carpet... then I cut with scissors - don't do this .. takes too much time.    Instead hold the template steady with one hand and with the other hand, cut he carpet using a carpet knife.  

2) Glue:  The local carpet upholsterer told me that the 3M "spray can" is as good as it gets for consumer grade glue (he had not heard of the Second Skin Glue) and suggested that under high heat this glue may loose its' bond.   Instead he uses a 3M glue that can only be purchased in 5 gallon pails and is intended to be sprayed from a typical paint gun.    He poured 3 quarts for me - I'm guessing most pro shops would do the same if asked.     

I sprayed where overspray would not hurt and used a paint brush to coat in the tight areas.

3) Carpet:  You can use a heat gun to easily form carpet into the odd shapes that the Cobra demands.   

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009