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Cooling System:  There is lots of ways to get your cooling system to work well .... here's my plan. 

My thinking goes something like this...... I want the T-Filler (highest point of cooling system) to have a higher pressure rating cap than the recovery tank so that when the pressure in system gets too high, it releases the pressure and allows water to flow to the Griffin tank.   Similarly I want the Griffin cap to have a lower rated pressure cap (or perhaps no pressure cap at all) since it is open to the atmosphere.   Together this will allow the coolant to flow both ways as needed.   The radiator will have the highest pressure rating so that it does not open at all and allows the t-filler to do it s job.    

Radiator & Fan:  This is the way I got it and it should work just fine.   This is a new FMS radiator and electric fan.  The fan will come automatically via a thermostat and relay but I have also added a manual override switch.   The Ford Racing radiator I am using also comes with a fill port (as most radiators do) ... so I will also use a 20 or 21 lb cap on the radiator. 

T-Filler: I have tossed the Moroso T-filler (since these are prone to leak when you least expect it) and replaced with a 3-piece CSR billet T-filler.  As you can see it is installed at the highest point of my cooling system.    To seal the system I am using a 16 lb, vented CSR cap.

Recovery Tank:  I have polished my Griffin recovery tank and attached to the driver side F panel.   To close the tank I am using a 7 lb cap.  The reality is that the top of this tank is open to air so any cap would do.   

Line Routing: Pretty simple ... really.  


1) Hoses:  When connecting hoses to barb fittings.. a small amount of WD-40 will make it a lot easier to slip the hoses on.  

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009