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I tried to order the aluminum hood liner that Dark Water Customs came up with but when I found out that Chris was not shipping these anymore, I decided to make one myself.  Sooo.... off to Regal (regalrecyclers.com) to find a 4x8 sheet of aluminum (ended up settling for a sheet of 0.060" 5056.)   Let me tell you that bending 0.060" aluminum requires much more effort than 0.040" - particularly if you do not have a sheet metal brake.  In fact, I put so much effort into the bending of the 0.060" that I ripped the wood off the top of my workmate and tore something in my elbow... friggin elbow is sore 6 weeks later - I think I'll be seeing a doctor on this one .        

[Product Image]Hood Hoop Template: Step #1: Use hood hoop as template to cut aluminum. 

[Product Image]Hood Scoop Template: Step #2: Used paper to create the perimeter pattern of the hood scoop and then transferred this to aluminum. 

[Product Image]Hood Scoop Mold:  Step #3: I had this crazy late night idea to use concrete to create a pattern to help form the aluminum hood scoop. 

[Product Image]Hood Scoop Mold:  Step #4: Everything cured fine but I forgot to add some kind of metal binder (chicken wire, rebar, etc.) and as  result the concrete cracked when I started working the metal  hard.   

[Product Image]Hood Scoop:  Step #5:  I decided to form the scoop by hand - but I just could not find the muscle to bend the 0.060" thick aluminum (remember - I do not have a sheet metal brake or an English wheel).   Lucky for me I had a big enough piece of 0.040" aluminum hanging around.  With quite a bit of persuasion I was able to cold form the shape I wanted.   

[Product Image]Hood Scoop:  Step #6: I liked the "racy" look of the larger 3/16" rivets.  I used a dolly and hammer to peen the rivets nice an flat on both sides.   

Polish:  Back to my trusty Nuvite to bring out that polished effect.  Exactly one hour with my Makita polisher and Cyclo buffer to get the mirror. 


Now when the hood is open it will match my polished aluminum dash. 


The hood-hoop was bonded to the hood using Formula Z "Crest" Panel Bonder 3500 - black.  The Aluminum liner was bonded using Formula Z  "30 minute" epoxy.  


The look is stunning ... but my elbow still hurts from whatever I did whilst bending into shape.   


1) Aluminum:  Use 0.040" - makes the job a lot simpler.

2) Hammering:  Take your time... every hammer strike that misses will take 30 minutes to repair. 

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009