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Originally I had planned on a polished aluminum, removable transmission cover.   After adding the Damplifier Pro and Heatwave to the interior, the original cover would not fit over the top so I had to make a new one.   Somewhere along the way I persuaded myself that an aluminum cover would get very hot and make it a rather unpleasant place to rest your forearm.   So... I decided to cover in leather  - but still make it removable.  

[Product Image]Headliner:   Used leftover "Second Skin" spray glue to adhere headliner foam to aluminum.   (Friggin stuff sticks better than contact cement.)    

[Product Image]Headliner  I glued Damplifier Pro sound mat followed by Heatwave (for heat resistance) to the bottom of the cover and then glued the headliner.  Notice "sun" shape used to fold headliner around shifter hole.   Same pattern used for e-brake but it is less obvious.  

[Product Image]E-Brake Boot:    I put some of my old leather sewing skills to work here.   Turned out great and for easy installation I bonded the boot to the trim ring. 

[Product Image]Finished:  Well sort of ... I just placed the shifter boot and e-brake boot on the cover to show what they will look like.   Turned out great... nice & soft, heat resistant and feels really solid thanks to the Damplifier Pro. 



1) Fabric:  Take your daughter with you to the fabric store..... you'll feel less uncomfortable.  

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009