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I've had a bit of time off from the cobra (like several months) but I am happy to say that I am back in action.  With the help of my Dad (Omer) we did some custom sheet metal fabrication - so I thought I would get back on the wagon by updating my website.    Now keep in mind that my Cobra is referred to as a MKI but.... in my case..... a highly modified MKI.   With all the structural improvements I made to the frame, I also had to make (and will continue to make) sheet metal and other changes to accommodate.    I have to say that the custom fabrication aspect is really a great therapy for me.          

This is my Dad.... my personal master fabricator.  (not for hire) 

[Product Image]Driver Foot-box Template:  Since I added foot-box protection tubes and added a lowered 0.090" thick floor (for safety), I had to fabricate a custom side cover.    Since I had to fabricate a side cover I decided to extend the foot-box.   This is my paper template

[Product Image]Driver Foot-box Metal: This is the finished sheet metal.  At this point unpolished... and not riveted.....  polished pictures to follow.  Fit is pretty good - if I do say so myself :)

Tranny Tunnel Template:

Since I fabricated a transmission tunnel using 1" tubing, most of the sheet metal that came with the MKI had to changed or replaced.  Here is my paper template for the rear of the tunnel.

Tranny Tunnel Template: Another look at my template.   

[Product Image]Tunnel Sheet Metal:  Sheet metal bent and riveted in place.



[Product Image]Cockpit Sheet Metal: I had to modify the door opening sheet metal to accommodate the side impact braces that I added.           

[Product Image]Cockpit:  Another view.  I plan to cover all the aluminum using Second Skin Damplifier-Pro.  

Everything will be custom black carpet except that I'm going with a polished quick-release transmission tunnel cover.       

[Product Image]Cockpit: Note that my next job is to fabricate a cover for the horizontal door braces and to make covers for the door latch.   I must have put 500 rivets in this weekend.    And only a few nicks... apparently I left a few drops of blood in the kitchen when I snuck in to grab a snack... Busted!  I had no idea I was cut. 

[Product Image]Cross brace:  Here is picture of custom cover for the door brace as well as filler pieces at the top and bottom of the triangular section.  

 [Product Image]Door latch cover:  Here is picture of the door latch opening before the custom cover was added.   The FFR piece was not very useful so we made a new pattern.    

[Product Image]Door Latch Cover:  Here is the new cover.   You know you have it right when it snaps in place, looks good and holds on by itself.  

 [Product Image]Finished:  I'm a happy camper with the fit and finish.  It will be very difficult for water to get through these panels.     

[Product Image]Door Latch Cover:  Here is the new cover looking from the inside.   I know it will get all covered up but I will have the satisfaction of knowing the sheet metal was done right - no aluminum tape on this car! 

 [Product Image]The workers:  Dad and I had a great weekend fabricating custom aluminum pieces.    


1) Rivets:  Only experience will tell but do not use a too short of a rivet.  Typically it should take 2-3 pulls with a manual rivet gun to set a rivet.   If the rivet snaps in one pull it is too short.   When in doubt, use more rivets than not enough - every one increases shear strength and therefore structural rigidity.       

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009