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On the recommendation of several local Cobra guys,  I dropped my Cobra off at New Reflections Paint and Body today (May 5, 2007).   Phil Charette is the owner, master body man and painter.   Phil can be reached at 517-404-2225.  Like every great body shop I have ever known... New Reflections is a working shop (actually a bunch of pole barns) erected in the Michigan countryside and adjacent to his home.   

[Product Image]The Night Before:  Our good friends (Sharon, Mike and Jimmy) came over to help with last minute details.  Here Mike is helping me to burp the cooling system.   

[Product Image]The Day Of:  Another opportunity to take the car for a drive .... wow is it fast.   Actually all the HP makes it a and a bit difficult to gently drive up the ramps.  Ground clearance is also something to watch.   

[Product Image]On the trailer:  Bryn Edwards graciously offered to loan me his truck and enclosed trailer but when we starting looking at the the effort to remove his "better-than-new"  1967 Jag from the trailer, we quickly thought there must be an easier way in his neighborhood of  car nuts.  Sure enough his neighbor (Dave) graciously let me use his open trailer.   What a great neighborhood ...

[Product Image]Great Neighbors: My neighbor Mark helped me to put the body on (this past Wednesday) and today he helped me to get the car on the trailer.  I am very fortunate to have great neighbors.    Mark also saved my ass a few years back when we had a massive power outage (3 days in winter ).   I was in Europe at the time (as was another neighborhood Dad) so Mark went out and bought a few generators.... hooked them up and helped keep our families warm and safe.   Thank you Mark!!

[Product Image]Hannah:  I was not expecting any help from my girls today but with Alissa off to skating practice Hannah wanted to stick with me.  We had a great day together.  

[Product Image]At the Painters: My Cobra would not start when we got there so I rolled it off the trailer and Phil pulled it to the shop with his new John Deere.   Of course a few minutes later it fired up and put a big smile on my face (again) ... I hope a few others too. 

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
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