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Holbrook Racing Engines www.holbrookracingengines.com in Livonia, MI built her.  Given the engines around their shop I felt a little inadequate having them build a 349 for me.  BTW - ever wonder where Ford sends their crate motors for warranty repair ???   The idea was to reuse everything we could from my 306 but sadly more was replaced than kept.   The 306 block was too badly scored to to be machined soooo.... we started with a new "old" block (1970 302) which is significantly more robust than the later generation blocks and weighs around 50 lbs heavier.    Since these blocks did not use roller valve trains in their day, we had to pay attention to the valve train:    1. had to drill and tap holes to hold the lifter spider... 2. had to go with a new "small base circle" Comp cam along with new push rods and special Comp Cams "retro" lifters.     Check out he video section.. and turn up your speaker "bass" to hear her run.

Even though a 427 big block would be nice for bragging rights (and torque), the lower mass of the small block will balance the car perfectly.  A few more changes and we're up to 440 HP / 445 ft-lbs ....it should really move this 2200lb Cobra..... all I have to do is find traction.   While this engine will deliver more HP and torque with a single plane intake and bigger Carb (670 Holley), I'll stick with what I have for now - it is certainly no slouch. 

Engine:  When I got the car it was literally a rolling chassis.  Even the brakes were bled.   Except for the wiring and a few odds & ends, this baby was ready to fire.   So close but so far....... it still has not been fired but I am getting closer.  Although it would have been great to hear this engine running I am glad I took the plunge... stripped everything to the frame.... and modifying/detailed accordingly.  
Engine details:  
bullet1970 302 block (very robust & 50 lbs heavier than later variants)  
bullet302 bored 0.040" (using deck plates) - balanced & blueprinted
bulletFMS GT40X Aluminum heads 1.94" Intake , 1.54" Exhaust - bowls were ported and matched to intake. 
bulletComp Cams Retro-Roller Magnum 290:  110LSA and 230/230 @.050
bulletDiamond Forged Pistons 4.040", ARP bolts
bulletEagle Stroker Crankshaft (3.4") and I-Beam Connecting Rods
bulletPerformance Distributors Ignition (custom curve)
bulletTony Branda Cobra Aluminum Intake
bulletHolley 600:  double-pumper, mechanical secondaries
bulletMelling - standard volume oil pump


Engine details:
bulletSummit 1-Wire 100 amp Alternator
bulletCustom fabricated Valve covers - Cobra Air cleaner
bulletFFR Four into four headers
bulletMarch Aluminum Pulley system
bulletFMS high torque mini starter
bulletFMS 9 mm blue wires
bulletMorosso 9 quart baffled road race oil pan
bulletFMS Aluminum Radiator
bulletGoodYear "Super High Miler" aftermarket radiator hose
bulletTotally custom wiring harness (with schematic)
bulletLokar steel braided throttle cable
bulletSummit fuel rail - including steel braided fuel line    
A Peak under those valve covers: 
  Engine ready to install:  Note that valve covers have been upgraded
Installed:  This baby and me are very happy to announce that it is  back in its' motor mounts.   Notice the March polished aluminum pulley system.
Engine:  Installed a Summit dual feed rail with integrated pressure gage and filter.   Used Braided stainless back to the fuel pump and tank.         
Dash and Hood:  I was going for lots of shine so in addition to a polished dash I fabricated a polished hood insert.    
Another View : 
Finished: (almost) !!!!!
Headers & Side pipes: 

Coated in Silver Ceramic and then polished.     Wow .. what a difference.   I have a set of "Drummer Mike" stainless - ceramic coated heat shields to add as well.        

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009