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Along the way there have been a few who insisted on taking the Cobra for a dry run.    I hope they are just as eager when the Cobra is finished.    

Hannah put on her racing glasses for this shot.    
Alissa is little worried about Jordan's power shifting.   


Mom, Alissa and Hannah... Hannah is pushing hard for a 3rd seat.
Cory was my first test driver...  shortly after the car was completely dissembled. 
Connor was one of the first test drivers...
Steve looks a little like the legendary Ken Miles.. just the right build for racing.             
9/15/05:   Finished the brakes today ... Alissa volunteered to take the first test ride... she thought the brakes were a little hard.     Sandra was on camera duty and a little nervous that Alissa might hit her new van.         
Catie got to test the driver position right after I test-fitted the dash.   
Alex managed to squeeze his 6' 2" frame and size 16 shoes into the Cobra.   By the time he's 18 he won't fit!!!   
Finally..... Jessica decided to visit the Garage 11/18/06.    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I just finished the garage heater install... a very pleasant 70 degrees all winter.  Notice that she is in her socks .... next year she will be power shifting down the street. 
Stephan came over to welcome the Cobra back from paint  (11/10/07) - I think he wants one!
Sandra complained that she was the only adult in this section soooo.... Tina also happened by for the Welcome Home party ... got her picture taken and as happens with many pictures taken in the LegacyGarage.... you end up on this website! (Sorry Tina :)
Alex and friend Curtis came for the NCAA Final Four in Detroit - 2008.      
I've waited a long time to get Jenny in the Cobra but ......it finally happened...
Mom wanted to try out the driver seat .... Alex was game!!
Eric (our in house dive instructor) jumped in....!!
Hannah and Lindsay ... these two worry me :)


I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
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