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[New!]11/26/04 : Legacy Garage establishes Internet site
[New!] 5/22/05 :  Front & Rear Suspension section added along with some new handy tools
[New!] 5/31/05 :  Brake section updated
[New!] 6/14/05 :  Legacy Garage moves to www.legacygarage.com
[New!] 6/15/05 :  Added Milan Cobra Day Video
[New!] 6/20/05 :  Added build video to Home Screen
[New!] 8/08/05 :  Added Vacation / Mike's Birthday picture Video
[New!] 8/10/05 :  Added Fuel System section
[New!] 8/11/05 :  Updated brakes section
[New!] 8/12/05 :  Updated engine section
[New!] 8/12/05 :  Updated build video on home screen
[New!] 9/15/05 :  Updated brakes, fuel system, tools and driver section. 
[New!] 10/17/05 :  Added Cecil's Birthday picture Video
[New!] 2/13/06 :  Sheet Metal Section added
[New!] 2/21/06 :  Dash Section added and Sheet Metal Section improved
[New!] 2/23/06 :  Got the Comment section working (again!!) - let's hear some feedback!
[New!] 4/16/06 :  Connor MIG welds for the first time
[New!] 5/14/06 :  A few new drivers added
[New!] 5/15/06 :  Added electrical section and a few new tools
[New!] 5/22/06 :  Added Garage Pets section
[New!] 6/30/06 :  Added anti-web "bot" protection.... I hope
[New!] 8/14/06 :  Updated electrical and dash sections
[New!] 11/18/06 :  Jessica test drives the Cobra
[New!] 12/15/06 :  Added link to Cobra Discussion forum
[New!] 1/17/07  :  Significant update to the wiring section of this website. 
[New!] 2/07/07  : New section added for Chassis dampening control and also seat slider installation.   
[New!] 2/10/07  : New section added for reducing radiant compartment heat 
[New!] 2/19/07  : Cooling Section Completed 
[New!] 3/6/07    : The Cobra is started 
[New!] 3/23/07  : Took off sidepipes and sent for "silver" ceramic coating
[New!] 3/23/07  : Made transmission cover and shifter/ebrake boots.
[New!] 4/1/07    : Sprayed rims, spinners and lug nut covers
[New!] 4/22/07  : Custom carpet is installed - in the home stretch before paint.
[New!] 5/4/07    : New videos added.   See Video section
[New!] 5/5/07    : Cobra is off for paint.   See section (24 hours before paint)
[New!] 6/22/07  : For Sale Section Added:  
[New!] 7/1/07    : Updated For Sale Section:  
[New!] 7/15/07  : Added Hot Air Balloon Video:  
[New!] 8/22/07  : Added Hood Section to show polished aluminum liner (matches dash):  
[New!] 10/15/07  : Added Ignition wiring diagram:  
[New!] 11/4/07  : Added Google Ads:  
[New!] 11/10/07  : Brought her back from the paint shop - added new section "24 hours after paint"   
[New!] 11/21/07  : Added a section to document other Cobra owners who visit the LegacyGarage.   
[New!] 1/13/08  :  Added Trim section to document installation of all trim items.   
[New!] 1/21/08  :  Windshield (major milestone) installed (see trim section) .   
[New!] 2/4/08   :   Le Mans Gas Cap & gas filling system installed (trim section)
[New!] 2/7/08   :   Connected front and rear lights and footbox vents (trim section)
[New!] 3/21/08  :  Got all the inner fender wells.   Sprayed with bedliner to make them look more finished.
[New!] 4/13/08  :  Setup rear-suspension, finished inner doors and door sills. 
[New!] 6/9/08   :  Report on new engine added 
[New!] 8/28/08   :  Finally updated my website (new video's, etc.) .....had some problems but I think they are behind me now!!!! 
[New!] 9/2/08   :  Added more trim details, engine shots and some finished car shots.    
[New!] 9/4/08   :  Added a bunch of almost new parts for sale.      
[New!] 9/1/09   :  New camera mount installed.      


I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009