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Started with a Borg Warner T5.     Had a local transmission shop rebuild the internals with FMS HD components and added an FMS clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing.     I wrestled with the purchase of a new Tremec but decided that I would wait until I installed the 427 or 504.....       

Fresh Paint:  It was looking a little long in the tooth so degreased the outside and power-washed.   Then I topped it off with two coats of primer and two coats of Eastwood AlumaBlast paint.


Shifter:  I just could not install without a new shifter so I added a Pro- 5.0.   
Transmission Installed:  Like anything else it is easy to rush and just put things together but personally I like to take my time, consider my options and in the end be completely satisfied with my build.   I am quite pleased with the the fit and finish of the transmission.    Keep in mind that the transmission tunnel is totally custom (1" tubes) .      
Driveshaft safety Hoop +:   For added protection I fabricated a typical safety hoop but added some extra horizontal braces (which are multi-functional) and as you can see will pretty much prevent a loose driveshaft from entering the driver compartment or dangling onto the road.                
Steeda clutch quadrant & petal box:   

Be warned ...modifications have a way of snowballing....   The MKI I was known to have a small driver foot box.   To get another 2 inches of leg room the petal box was shortened (notice welds) and moved.   This worked great except that it caused interference between the clutch quadrant and firewall.  To rectify this I did a little milling on the clutch quadrant.  I also fabricated a 0.090" thick dropped floor... and increased the size of the foot box as much as possible without interfering  with the 4x4 headers.          

Steeda Clutch Adjuster:   This aftermarket piece combined with the clutch quadrant will make clutch adjustment a lot easier.    

Again I ran into interference .... this time between the quadrant and adjuster (caused by the foot box shortening) but ....I had my Dad turn a spacer/adapter (see photos) that allows me to use the full stroke of the adjuster without any interference with the quadrant.   Nice little trick piece.    


I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009