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Since I decided to go carbureted rather than fuel injected there were several options to be considered and details to be sorted out.                   

Carburetor:   Holley 4010 (600 cfm).  Double pumper with  mechanical secondaries.   Summit dual feed line with integrated fuel filter and fuel pressure gage.       
Fuel Pump:  Holley "Red" external pump  (97 GPH free flow  - 67 GPH at 5PSI).   Mounted on passenger side on 2"x3" vertical tube.   Pump is as low as possible to ensure an easy gravity feed.   This location also allows easy access.      


1) Since I went with a low pressure pump (factory preset at 7 PSI), a fuel pressure regulator and fuel return line is not required. 

2) Although not necessary for low fuel pressure applications like mine, I will add a fuel safety switch that will stop fuel flow in case of a rollover and ensure that the pump will not continue to operate after the engine is off and/or the key is left in the "on" position.      

Fuel Tank:   Installed a new tank from Spectra Premium (F12-A).   Used a rubber vacuum fitting (found in most auto stores) to plug the tank fuel return line.  Ran a braided stainless fuel line from the tank --> fuel pump --> carburetor.   Bought a tank seal and check valve from Breeze to vent the tank. 

Note:  I will add a rubber line to the check valve to vent fuel vapor away from the undercarriage.          

Fuel Tank:   The problem with the Spectra Premium (F12-A) is that it did not have a separate hole for the fuel sender....only the F12-B has the extra hole.    No problem..... I bought a new sender from Classic Instruments and as you will see below,  cut my own hole.  

Note:  So one might ask what good a F12-A is without a fuel sender hole?  Apparently some earlier model Mustangs had the fuel sender, fuel pickup and fuel return integrated into one unit.        


Fuel Tank:   Cut a hole as specified by Classic using one of my Milwaukee metal hole saws.   Placed hole in the deepest part of tank.  Vacuumed thoroughly and then installed the sender. 

Note:  I would not have done this if this tank had fuel in it for fear that I might not be able to remove the stray cuttings....but since the tank was new (and had never seen fuel) it was straight forward. 




Fuel Tank:   I bench tested the new sender by hooking it up to a  battery & the fuel gage...... verified that:

1) it worked

2) float at bottom = empty

3) float at top = full

 ** Good thing I bench tested as I initially had it reading backwards.     


I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009