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Since I documented the rear-end rebuild in the "Rear End" section of my website, I will dedicate this area to everything else related to the rear suspension.   The highlights are:

bulletFFR 3-link suspension
bullet315 "PLUS" modifications
bulletMoved upper shock towers inside frame   
bulletSince I will not use a rear sway bar I opted for 325 lb coil-over Pro shocks
bulletChassis Engineering lower control arms with poly bushings

315 "PLUS" modification:     I am really interested to see/feel the dynamic response now that I have moved the upper shock towers from the outside to the inside of the frame.   It really cleans things up on the outside, gets easier access to the upper shock ... and because the shocks are now angled I hope that I will get some "natural" progressive dampening.   Who knows.. perhaps the shock angularity will resist body roll and help the panhard bar to keep the axle located.    


Here's Dad

He's back ... and helped to install the rear end. Good thing he came... you really need two people to install a rear-end in a welded 3-link installation.




1) Torque:  In the absence of a torque spec use the following general guideline.

bullet1/2" diameter bolts:  70-80 lbs/in2
bullet5/8" diameter bolts:  85-95 lbs/in2

2) Lower Control Arm to frame :  Do not torque until the car is at ride height. 

3) Spacers:  Rather than use a bunch of washers to space everything, have a decent set of aluminum or stainless spacers made.    My dad turned all the rear suspension spacers in under an hour ....


I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009