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I am glad that I took the time to make a rotisserie.  Without it I don't know how I could have sand blasted or sprayed the frame.    Since the rotary axis of an engine stand is not parallel with the ground (5 - 10 degrees inclined) you have to be aware that using two stands will cause binding if you do not shim the rear casters.   Even without shims, I was able to rotate +/- 90 degrees from horizontal.... which was all that anyone needs anyway.  

The stands were so solid and allowed so much mobility that I seriously considered starting the assembly on them.   I have since changed my mind - the frame is now sitting solidly on jack stands.     

[Product Image]Rear engine stand: Clearly I wanted a safe system but also one that would allow me enough access to sand blast and paint.   I probably could have increased the length of the threaded rods by 4 more inches (without sacrificing rigidity)  but this worked out fine.  

[Product Image]Front engine stand:  I used a 2x4 on the front and back because I had some laying around but I would suggest a 2x6 if you have to go out and buy wood.   The 2x4 is strong enough but you really need the extra width of the 2x6 to bolt to the engine stand plate.             

[Product Image]Sample: The painting turned out just as I had hoped.  

[Product Image]Frame: The whole frame after painting.

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009