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These tires / rims have really added a pile of work to the Cobra.   I ended up modifying the frame to give me the clearance I needed for problem free movement, the axles had to be shortened... the brakes had to be offset and then the all the aluminum had to made to accommodate the changes - carpet is next.   Since I have "gone-all-the-way" for everything else, I decided to remove the rims and paint them to help create the Cobra effect.   I just could not leave them in the typical "aluminum" color from Team III.   So... I decided to shoot the centers in gloss black, leave the outer rims chrome and shoot the spinners in magnesium.   They really look awesome! 

[Product Image]Complete:   The spinner in place to give you an idea of the look.  Click for a before picture.

[Product Image]Team III Rims:   I went with Team III including their lug nut covers and spinners. (Notice the  thread on the spinners) 

[Product Image]Process:    You have to be really careful while making these covers fit.  First Step:  Center punch holes and then run a pilot drill through.  

[Product Image]Test Fit:    Again.. take your time ... make a few necessary adjustments and then open up holes to allow screws to pass through without binding.    Most holes are within a "red hair" of the edge (busting through the casting).   

[Product Image]Letter Cleaning:    For whatever reason the letters on my tires went "brown".  All the usual tricks failed except ... paint thinner and/or acetone.   Either brought the white back in seconds.   Hopefully it will stay. 

Putting a heater in a garage and a "cat/dog door" was probably a mistake in hindsight.  One of the stray cats... we call him "spare cat" pissed all over my tires/rims ... I swear every time he came during the last few winters.    Funny he's not hanging around any more... wonder where he went?  

[Product Image]Size:    Overall these are not only an expensive set of rims but quite a bit of rubber. 



Front:  Team III: 6 spoke - 5lug - 15"x7" with 4.5" backspace.  Rubber is Goodyear 15"x7" 225 60-15

Rear:  Team III: 6 spoke - 5lug - 15"x10" with 6 3/8"  backspace. Rubber is Goodyear 15"x10" 295 50-15

The Goodyear 295's put the most rubber on the road (for 295's) and are as wide as most 315"s.   Unfortunately the manufacturers don't make great rubber for 15" rims.      




1) Painting:  Pay me now or pay me later.    You can take your time and mask things well before paint... clean accordingly and end up with a great job ... or as some unfortunately do  - rush and end up taking twice as long.   It took me an honest 8 hours to do these rims - no short cuts... and I was on edge every second of the 8 hours...knowing that one slip and everyone would see my mistake.       

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009