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 (My Cobra comes to life):   Here's my 349 stroker after installation in August 2008.   Click on the image to hear her.






(A little neighborhood wakeup):   I needed to stretch here legs a bit while adjusting the clutch, and making changes to the carburetor jets.  Click on the image to see a run around the neighborhood.






Video (Hot Air BalMilan Cobra Day 2005loon lands on Pine Mountain - July 13, 2007):   Just after we returned from our trip to northern Ontario, our neighborhood dog (Abby) came over and started barking - something she never does.  Turns out she was barking at hot air balloons that were passing through.... a special treat that summers always bring to us .... but this time it was very special because the 2nd of two balloons decided to land on our court.   Scott Lorenz - owner of Westwind Balloon Company  (www.westwindcos.com/balloon) made an unexpected but perfect landing.   With the help of some neighbors we kept the balloon down, packed it and loaded it into his trailer.   Turns out that Scott's passengers were celebrating their wedding anniversary sooo ..... after all the hard work was done, Scott uncorked a fine bottle of champagne / beer for the adults & some pop for the kids.   A very exciting & memorable  2007 summer evening!!      Click on the image to see the action.






Picture-Video (24 hours before the paint shop):   After the Spencer School Ice Cream social, our friends Mike Milan Cobra Day 2005and Sharon came over to help encourage me to get ready for the trip to the paint shop.  A few last minute details and she was ready.       Click on the image to hear a much improved engine.






Picture-Video (Cecil's Birthday Party):   These were taken at the Jibb farm - Cold Springs.    This was an Milan Cobra Day 2005afternoon party to celebrate Cecil's 75th birthday.   Over 120 family and guests visited.   "Click" picture to see the video: 







Picture-Video (Family Fun) :    The pictures were taken at the Henley Cottage  - Balsam Lake.     We had a Milan Cobra Day 2005great week starting with Mike's 40th birthday party  - family, friends, neighbors, band, lots of food and a gas-powered blender for those serious blended drinks.    Click on the image to see the action.             








Cobra Racing Video:  I would rather have been on the track than taking video's.... but since my car isn't ready Milan Cobra Day 2005it was the least I could do.   As you will see a lesson learned is that I should have used a tripod.   This video was taken at Milan Raceway (Michigan) on the Memorial Day weekend (May 2005)    Todd Baumann organized the event.  The track was all ours (9 - 12am)  $300/hr  - minimum 3 hours.      Click on the image to see the action.

I can be reached directly at the Legacy Garage at:  klegacy@comcast.net (SR71 on FFCobra.com)
Last modified: Sept 1, 2009